How do you create a vibrant B2B brand with a winning culture?

My role
Designer, Art Director, Copywriter

About the client
DineEquity is the parent company of Applebee’s and IHOP. The company was formed as a result of IHOP purchasing Applebee’s in 2007. It was a bold and risky move that paid off big. At it’s low IHOP traded at around $5 per share. In 2015 it hasn’t gone lower than $85 per share.

While the relentless focus on brand performance has been incredibly successful, almost no attention was paid to the brand, or the culture of the parent company, beyond the investment community. This came at a cost. DineEquity found itself with a fragmented and political culture. An us vs. them mentality developed between the two brands. Absent consistent employee communication and recognition, employees had grown territorial and skeptical. With no definition of who DineEquity is and what they stand for, they also found that they were having difficulty recruiting top talent, who were completely unaware that DineEquity even existed.

Create a unified corporate brand that resonated and mattered deeply to everyone involved.
Establish what DineEquity represents. Create understanding and conviction for: who we are, and what we stand for. Make employees feel more connected and engaged, with a heightened sense of pride. Create an integrated framework for the corporate and individual brands. Make DineEquity a well known employer of choice.

Go for great. A new employer brand identity and communications framework for engaging with it’s employees, and potential employees.

DineEquity now has all of the elements they need to speak with one voice. They know what each of their constituents needs to hear and they can and have been communicating with these constituencies more consistently and more successfully than ever before.

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