bTru: bringing truth and transparency to online dating.

My role
Brand strategist, Brand designer, Copywriter, Lead UI/UX Designer

About the project
This was a joint venture between Baker Brand Communications and another business partner whose idea it was to disrupt the online dating space with an app focused on verification.

There is no way to verify if someone is who they say they are, online. Deception and fraud are rampant.

An app designed to verify an individual’s identity by aggregating and authenticating their social media profiles.

Strategy, positioning and brand platform development

Developing a name

Designing the identity

Designing the user experience

Designing the user interface

Giving voice to the brand


The truth is, we failed. The product became too complex and failed to gain any subscribers. The business partners are looking to relaunch this product sometime later this year, as an online dating app with a verification component.

The underlying need for a verification tool for online daters, and many other market segments, remains relevant. But I don’t believe that a mobile based app is the right way to proceed. A better solution would be a web based tool that allows users to verify key information about themselves, and then share that information on any dating site that they choose.